About Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a gift; it is a mind, body, and spirit-opening experience. Yogi Bhajan called it the yoga of awareness, and it creates in its practitioners the inner knowing that we are all one, that we all share a deep connection with each other in a sea of uplifting universal energy.

Kundalini Yoga combines postures, movement, pranayam, and often mantra with a period of deep relaxation to bring deep rejuvenation and fresh energy. It will give you a nervous system strong enough, vibrant enough to embrace your life with spirit and joy. If you want to grow, it is an invaluable tool.

It also works with your mind. Yogi Bhajan never shied away from teaching about the mind. In fact, he mapped out the whole working of the mind and taught hundreds of exercises for balancing the mind, for building the brain and building new neurological connections to the nervous system.

Consistent Kundalini Yoga practice strengthens all the body systems. With this strength, we can open our hearts, we can be authentic, and discover our true identities; we can learn to live our lives with deep intention and joy, and let that light touch all who are attracted to it.