Akara Numerology

In common understanding we find ourselves with body and mind. For the yogis it is much different—there are ten units that comprise what it is to experience oneself as human. There are 3 mental realms and this physical body is only one of the other seven parts of the human. To open to this world is to enter a deep and subtle awareness of oneself.

Not only will you be introduced to basic patterns of the functioning mind, you’ll also come to your own experience of the electromagnetic field that surrounds and extends past your skin, the pranic body, the subtle body, and what is known as the radiant body.

Yogi Bhajan learned this system from one of many teachers in India. He called it Akara Numerology and shared it with tens of thousands of students who actively use it, not only because it is another way to study the self, but because it is combined with a system for calculation, for understanding one’s gifts and challenges as well as providing direction for paths that lead to the deepest soul satisfaction.

This is also the foundational system for the spiritual names that so many have asked Yogi Bhajan and his trained successors for.
If you are only attending one workshop on the teachings that Yogi Bhajan left—this would be the one.

Not only will you learn to sense yourself in a more comprehensive way, and your gifts and challenges, you will learn to recognize recurring patterns of accomplishment and sense paths for transforming challenging energies.

If you’ve studied this before it will take you deeper; if you have never been introduced to this material it will be a delight and open doors on your journey.

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