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Sunday Kundalini Yoga Class
8:30am – 10am
Radiance Yoga, Arlington, Va.

Start off your Sunday morning off in the beautiful light fill studio space of Radiance Yoga in Arlington, VA. Each week Kartar’s Kundalini Yoga classes focus on a different theme and/or are a follow on to the theme in prior weeks, each expanding upon the other yet are just as beneficial as stand alone. In each Kundalini Yoga class Kartar typically gives a discourse on the theme, and then we use breath, movement, mantra, and meditation to heal the mind, body, and spirit. Each class consists of a kriya which is a series of postures taught in sequence to produce a desired effect. Teachers choose from thousands of kriyas designed to help students deepen their awareness, connect with their creative energy, open the heart, stimulate the immune, glandular and nervous system, and balance the chakras.

Classes are open to students at all levels of experience. Come early or stay and linger longer at the round table as Radiance offers complimentary tea and light treats for all students to enjoy and savor their time there!

Pre-registration is highly encouraged as this class is very well attended and loved by many. Details at


The Kriyas and most accompanying Lecture materials can be found by creating a FREE PROFILE in the    You will find detailed photos and timers with instructions on how to perform the kriyas and should you like further in depth information, you can choose to select to find the Lecture from the drop down search versus the kriya option.



It’s OK to go to yoga classes, to have favorite teachers, to be inspired by teachings and teachers. These things are natural. But at some point the student must become a master or the teacherhas done a disservice in the situation. Self-Reliance is critical. This group of 3 classes looks at Self-Reliance from 3 different perspectives.

Sunday, January 12, 2020

KRIYAS:  To Release Grief, For Imagined Disabilities & Kriya for Self-Reliance

Theme:  You are unique and you are who you are for a reason. All that Is Cannot be All That Is without you.  You are irreplaceable, and the energy grid will have a missing piece without you.  You are not in nature, you are nature. You are made of the same stuff the world is made of.  Everything you feel, everything you do is natural. Anger is natural, insecurity is natural.  Depression is natural. It is NATURAL to feel disempowered, confused, not connected, dejected.

These are just natural things that message you to reboot, relax and look in another direction. No insistence, no resistance. Insisting on a certain result is ridiculous when you think of how creative the Universe is, and to think that YOU know the next step, the exact next step in how in sequence will go is very limiting. It allows much more room for creativity to be zero.

You are an indestructible being at your core. You are created. You cannot be uncreated. You can change form but you cannot be un-created. The Universe doesn’t make mistakes. You are Created for a reason.

Sunday, January 19th, 2020

KRIYAS: For Relaxation and to Release Fear & Kriya to Release Self-Animosity

Theme:  Self-Reliance seen from the inside. The game of life is to get to know the unknown. And when we don’t yet understand how to engage with the unknown we become fearful; fearful that we will lose  Something we have, or fearful we will not be able to “get” something we perceive we need.  All this means is that we don’t yet understand that all the world works by magnetics, that we attract everything, and once we understand how to increase our magnetism, everything can reach Us. But when we get “nervous”, we stop trusting in the flow, we stop noticing the sensations and

Allowing them, and instead “jump out” and try to mark something, label something, control something in Time and Space, then we become disconnected from our Selves and start using conditioned thinking. The question for the day: Can you allow yourself and your continuous sense of sensation? Can you stay self-reliant?

Sunday, January 26th, 2020

We’ll explore Self Reliance from a third perspective.

Kriya – Relieving Elementary Stress.


Sunday, February 7, 2020

THEME: Unleashing the Power of Polarity  -


Based on belief systems and the ways we have been taught, we tend to look at things as this or that.  Even the hemispheres of our brains see things differently.  In every realm, there is the availability of difference.  But we tend not to see difference as a fertile field of contrast and opportunity, we most often experience it as a trigger for thoughts—we see it as the beginning of opposition. We feel more right when the other is wrong.  We create dichotomies, forces to be overcome, winning and losing.  And in doing this we do not give ourselves a holistic, inclusive big picture view that would allow us to understand how to transform things with the effects we prefer.  By breaking down “reality” into this or that situations, we limit ourselves and create negative energies that foster confusion and distract us from the details in a situation that would be the seeds of solution.

If I pick out several details that I don’t prefer from the life of another, accentuate them, use my artistic brush to highlight them, darken the lines around those pieces so they stand out more, and then affirm that I have “solved” these pieces and the other hasn’t, I tend to lock into an energetic pattern.  Yoga encourages us to widen our view, soften our gaze, include the pieces we’ve tended to highlight without the emphasis of our highlighting brush.  Yoga want us to notice detail “around the edges”, see this and that, see the this in the that, and vice versa.

Yoga looks at things differently.  Where our conditioning sees two contrasting, often oppositional things, Yoga sees just two of many shades of differentiation.  It sees the whole field—a holistic big picture view of the circumstances that would allow one to understand how to transform things into the effects one would prefer.

Yoga doesn’t want you to limit the options to this or that; it wants you to see that you have any and all opportunities within the scenario.  This is where you begin to learn how to use polarity in its most beneficial form  Our world is pointing toward an insistence on conformity and it is causing enormous grief.  It’s what is at the heart of all our religious battles.  All of our wars and global irritation with one another are over our determination to promote sameness.  Even our democracy insists that it’s the only government that works.

We prevent ourselves from expanding our consciousness and from seeing things from a broader point of view, and we actually shut the doors through which different inspirations, different imaginings, different perspectives could come.  Expansion of consciousness is the product of inclusivity not exclusivity.  Polarity, taken opportunistically, is an opportunity to shift to a bigger, softer, more inclusive and creative self.  Under the influence of our conditioning, the first tendency is to ignore one aspect of a polarity.  The second tendency is to try to “kill” the other aspect of it, to deny it, get rid of it.   To use the polarity you need awareness, sensitivity, standing under; you need an awareness that is greater, wider, and clearer than either end of the polarity.

In studies of intelligence, genius, and creativity, the skill to hold two opposite ideas or feelings in mind at the same time, the capacity to have a dialogue, which challenges ideas while accepting them, and the capacity to explore another person’s ideas while holding one’s own is a skill essential when releasing the creativity in polarity.


Friday, February 28, 2020


Kundalini Yoga of Long Island NY

Seeing 2020 Vision and the Non Physical Part of You.  Details and registration at:


March 27, 28, 29 – June 5, 6, 7, 2020

Kundalini Yoga of Long Island NY

KRI Level 2 Conscious Communication

Investment: EARLY BIRD RATE: $1,100 prior to 2/1/20 $1,250 after. Details and registration at:


Saturday, April 25, 2020


Raj Yoga Center, Sterling, VA

Simple, Subtle, and Surprising: Yogi Bhajan on His Philosophy of Life

Investment: $40 Details and registration at:

Sometimes we miss simple, and even profound, information not because we aren’t interested, or we would disagree, but because it seems too simple, especially when we’re moving fast. One time Yogi Bhajan stopped a lecture to announce his Philosophy of Life—3 clear points, each very simply stated. It was surprising. I believe it’s been missed by 99% of Kundalini Yoga teachers and students. I have seen it shared only one time in my 44 years of studying Kundalini Yoga.

We’ll work through this material slowly and carefully. It gives the opportunity for profound change in a life.