Kundalini Yoga at Kripalu

We live in a time when the opportunity to be busy and preoccupied is so prevalent that it is easy to stay distracted and postpone the introspection that brings stillness and calm. The price is stress.

The yogis found simple ways to step through the veil of busyness and overstimulation to a world of stillness and clarity, a world of accomplishment and connection.

They left a technology of movement, breath, mental training, and the use of sound and vibration that gave them connection to their deepest selves and the world.

We invite you to just such an experience at the retreat at Kripalu where you’ll learn to see stress as an opportunity, you’ll learn to use what you don’t want to pivot towards what you do want; you’ll learn the subtle magic of Kundalini Yoga and experience yourself as a vibrational being in a magnetic universe attracting what you need, moving from a foundation of wanting to a foundation of deserving.

Come and join us for a weekend of heart, of opportunity, and of deep relaxation.

Kundalini Yoga Retreat
February 15-18
Led by Kartar and Shakta Khalsa

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