Taking the Easy Hard Road

I’m increasingly finding life these days described as presenting two different tracks—tracks which are increasingly diverging.  One track is going along with life, taking it as it comes, essentially living it out within the conditioning of the mind and society we live in—the old way.

And then there is the new way—daring to experiment with the reality that we are unlimited beings, all one people, simply manifesting different facets of creativity and an infinite spectrum of experimentation with thought, behavior, and combinations of human connection; we are creators, and always response able.

Particularly when I’m in a dense fog of conditioning, my patterns, my trances, it takes real effort to “recover myself”, to find a way to pivot.

But as Eckhart Tolle says, “Who is it that’s noticing that I’m ‘up to my ears’ in conditioning?”  There is some part of me that is not the conditioning—even when the conditioning is at its most intense—because there is part of me that is noticing the whole thing.

So it is proof, you might say, that even at a time of “overwhelming depression” there was still the observer presence.  That is the seed, the thread that provides the bread crumb trail to the “other train”, the new way, the way out of the conditioning, and the way of self-creativity and self-responsibility.

And those are no small words.

I grew up with words like “Let’s see what happens”, “She has a sad life”, “It’s too bad”, and “It’s a dirty rotten shame”.  I learned telepathically that I wasn’t fully loveable or capable.

Whereas the new way has concepts in it like “What is the life your Spirit is calling you to—what part of being unlimited do you want to explore?  Can you use everything that comes to you as a way to grow?  Can you follow your excitement, can you find gratitude?”

And so we come to a practice that relates to this and the line drawing I have included here.

HERE is a link to the line drawing.  Print one or more copies.

It is a line drawing of a plant.  The leaves are fully formed except one is represented only as a dotted line.  Physicists will tell you that when you use an electron microscope the energetic imprint of the new leaf is already present.  It simply doesn’t have physicality yet.

And that is exactly the way it is for us with the life we’re being called to.  The leaf is already there—the game is “will I allow it to manifest”. “Will I insist on my conditioning or can my heart and my life be a place of transformation?”

Here’s how to use this drawing.  On the front, write down anything that you’re being called to—the areas of excitement in your life—where you can taste and sense expansion lies for you.  Put down as many or as few areas as you choose.

Then on the back of the paper jot down the habits, thoughts, entanglements, the “reasons” why you “think” you are not able to manifest what you’re being called to—or what is slowing you down.

Then bring the paper to class on Sunday, 18 Oct 2015  at  8:30 am at Radiance Yoga in Alexandria, and we’ll work from there.

If you cannot make it, feel free to email me with your thoughts, or post them on my Facebook page where you see the line drawing. I will be reviewing and responding.

“All aboard and Sat Nam” you might say;  the train of the new way is moving out.

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