About Yogi Bhajan

His life, light, and journey was to uplift humanity by sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga. Originally from Northern India, he came to the West and shared his mastery of this ancient technology. He did not come to gather students, he came to create teachers – that is why he always said, “This is not about me, it’s about the Teachings. I am simply the mailman delivering the mail.” For this reason he established 3HO: The Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization, to serve the legacy of happiness as a universal human birthright.

My Relationship with Yogi Bhajan…

I keep a framed picture of him on my desk.  It was a gift from him and says “I am your teacher.  I will always want more.  I have a bottomless hunger for your excellence.”

Once I made a mala for him.  Over the years I made and gave him 5 or 6 malas as prayers.  He would always say “More work for me.”  I never took him seriously.  I always thought that it was enough to give a man of his caliber the gift.  I knew he would put it on his altar; he did that with all gifts.

One time, about a month after I had given him a mala his secretary called to say it had been misplaced and could we send another.  We did and I didn’t think too much about it.  Some months later I happened to be talking with a friend in LA and mentioned that I had gotten the request for a replacement mala.   He told me he had been in a class when Yogi Bhajan walked in, sat down,  and said that he never misplaced things but couldn’t find a mala that had been given to him.  His comment was “I need to have that mala back because I have 10,000 more rounds to go.”  He never once mentioned anything to me.  It was only one of many life changing experiences I had with him.